Wondershare Photo Recovery


Recover photos and videos you'd given up for lost


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Wondershare Photo Recovery is a great application for recovering photos and videos you'd thought had disappeared from your hard drive for good. To recover these files, just install the application on a separate partition from the one with the files you want to recover.

One advantage of Wondershare Photo Recovery is that it's super easy to use even if you don't have much experience. To recover your images or videos, just run the application and follow the steps indicated in the interface: select the hard drive you want to analyze, indicate the file type you're looking for, and wait. In just a few minutes, you'll have a complete list of all the recoverable files.

From this list, you can check important data for each result – file name, date, location – to figure out exactly which photos you want to recover. You can even see a preview. The application can search not just folders on your computer but also memory cards, hard drives, and all kinds of storage devices connected to your computer.

The formats supported by Wondershare Photo Recovery include JPG, PNG, and GIF, of course, as well as other less common formats such as DSK, BW, EMF, FAX, GIF, ICB, and ICO. Basically, if your photos are hiding somewhere, this application will find them.

The trial version lets you check which images or videos you can recover, but to actually access these files you need to buy the full version of the application.

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